Virtuoso Virts FW17 playing cards
Virtuoso Virts FW17 playing cards

Virtuoso Virts FW17 playing cards

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The Virts have announced that this will be the FINAL "seasonal" Virtuoso deck they will release. In addition, NO NEW VIRTS DECKS are planned in the coming year.

Every Virts deck before this one has sold out, and some have skyrocketed in value. Don't miss this chance to add one to your collection, or replace an older deck you've been using.

The Virts say the FW17 is its best yet, with design tweaks to distinguish it from the previous four versions, which sold out quickly.

So what should you expect from this deck?

According to Virts publicity: "The moment you slip the cards out of their tuck case, you'll experience a beautifully balanced deck with just the right thickness, weight, and snap. The cards faro smoothly, fan creamily, split into packets cleanly, and stay together when flying through the air."

Basically, the deck uses its “Adaptive Aesthetics” to visually adapt to every card flourish you do. "Your fans change color depending on which way you fan the cards, form different patterns depending on how many cards you use, and look bigger, and more blade-like. Cuts and displays look larger and more visual because of the geometric shapes, long extending lines, and the edge-to-edge design. Springs and cascades visually connect in 3D space, looking more fluid and three dimensional. Card spins create a strobing optical illusion on camera called the “wagon wheel” effect created by the long white lines, and the shapes and lines swirl beautifully at lower speeds. Spreads become more streamlined and connected with the signature wraparound color stripes on the faces."

Each deck contains 52 cards and four ad cards. As with previous Virts decks, there are no jokers.